The Most Important

The Most Important

When you are at home a good stainless-steel precision knife is a great item to keep handy. When you are a professional chef, you need the 8-inch Yoshikin knife. It works great for precision-cutting and chopping. You can use it on virtually any food even on manitowoc ice maker.

The OXO Godo Grips 9-inch Tongs. You need the ones with the nylon head. My sister has a pair of these, I think. They work for almost anything and are inexpensive to have around.

You need a mandoline, but not just any mandoline. You need the De Buyer Swing Mandoline. Professional cooks use it all the time. Stay-at-home parents and husbands and wives are finding how well it works too. You can use it on everything from carrots to cucumbers. You can use it cut your veggies into a waffly-style or keep your veggies thin. The handle is designed to protect the fingers and it comes with a stainless-steel blade.

You need the Kitchen Aid Artisan 5-Quart Standing Mixer. There are other kinds of Artisan mixers, but you need this one. It was introduced in 1919. History has proven that it is still the best. The mixer is large enough to make any home recipe you desire. It does not take up too much counter space either. The KitchenAid Artisan 5-Bowl Mixer comes with a tilting head and optional attachments.

No home is complete without a blender. You need the Cuisinart Smart Stick Emmerson Model. You can do anything with a blender. You can puree your favorite soup. You can make drinks and sauces in one. They are easy to clean. You can get them cleaned in the dishwasher safely. Once you use the Emmerson Model, you will not go back to anything else.

You need a slow cooker. The Cuisinart 6.5 Digital Slow Cooker is a good one to get. They started out in the 70’s a fad, more or less. Now they have become a home kitchen staple for many families.