It is one thing to be a professional chef. It is another thing to be one at home. There are certain kitchen items every chef should have in their home beside a commercial ice maker.

You need a good veggie peeler. You can do so much with a vegetable peeler. You can use one to peel carrots. The only problem with that is all the nutrients are in the skin, so you might want to watch how you use it.

You need a cheese grater. More importantly, you need one with multiple grading sizes. You might want to melt parmesan over polenta. You will need a small grating size for that. Keep it clean and in a drawer uncluttered.

You will need cutting boards. My sister can attest to that. She likes to cook and bake her at home. She might not be a professional chef, but she spends a lot of her time in the kitchen. One of the best presents she ever received was a cutting board. You will need at least two decent wood cutting boards, possibly a third, depending on how much you cook and bake.

Every professional chef needs a cast-iron pan or skillet in the home kitchen. You can do everything with it. You can use it to cook vegetables, meats, and cornbread. You can use it outside for a campfire night.

You will need a big stockpot. Every professional chef worth their salt knows how to use one. You can use it to catch water when there is a leak. You can use it to make chili. Chili is a family favorite in my house. You can use it to make big meals to tide your family over for a few days, especially in times when food is scarce.

The food processor comes in at number 6. You can make anything in one. You can fix anything from tomato sauce to a spinach dip, and anything else in between.

You need a good set of mixing bowls, that is what my sister always says. You need a set of mixing bowls that have every size. You never know when a medium or small size comes in handy. Mixing bowls also help to keep your kitchen clean when cooking dinner or making dessert.


A whisk. It sounds simple and small but every kitchen needs one. Mixing your cookie dough with a fork is not going to do the trick. You need a whisk.

A commercial ice maker is always good to have around

You need some good quality olive oil. A lot of the brands sold in the grocery store do not live up to their reputation. Tomatoes offer a good analogy. Think about the tomatoes you buy in the winter versus the ones you buy in the summer. Do you see the difference? The Same thing works with olive oil.